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Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Hello there!

We have had some dreadfully dreary weather here in Tennessee the last few weeks.

So. Much. Rain.

We even had snow for a few hours on Saturday morning-that was a really fun surprise! But just as quickly as the snow came, it melted away and more rain came. Rainy and cold weather always makes me crave a wholesome and warm meal that will "stick to your ribs" as my mom used to say. I made this Roasted Red Pepper Soup yesterday and it was so satisfying. Light yet filling. And, I will have leftovers for lunch and a couple of dinners this week!

You could add some ground beef or turkey if you wanted to increase the protein content of the soup or make it more hearty. Or you could add beans- I would recommend garbanzo beans or white beans. I served the soup over rice for a nice serving of carbohydrates and fiber and found it to be very satisfying that way.

I hope that you will try it out and let us know what you think!

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