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Referral Process for Providers

Referrals Scenic City Dietetics

Welcome to Scenic City Dietetics, where we prioritize collaborative care and comprehensive support for our clients' nutritional needs. As a provider, you can feel confident referring your patients to our Registered Dietitians for evidence-based nutrition education and/or counseling.

Sending referrals to Scenic City Dietetics is a seamless process aimed at ensuring continuity of care for your patients. To initiate a referral, please provide us with the following:


1. Demographics: Include patient demographics such as name, date of birth, and contact information.

2. Office Notes: Please attach reason for referral and relevant office notes including medical history, current medications, and any pertinent details about the patient's condition.

3. Most Recent Labs: If available, please include the patient's most recent lab results to help us tailor our nutrition interventions effectively.

Please fax referrals to: 423-825-8145. Our team will promptly review the documents and coordinate with the patient to schedule an appointment.

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